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Era of Trikes: But Are They A Good Investment?

Era of Trikes: But Are They A Good Investment?

A new type of motorcycle is on the roar down our streets. It gushes with power and fills pretty much everyone with images of a futuristic alien monster swooping down to save the day after an apocalyptic event. Its sheer power is a solid statement of intent and design. If you haven’t caught the drift, we are talking about the Slingshot, which swooped into the market just two years ago from Polaris.

Enter the father of all budget bikes

The Slingshot is a little bit surreal at first glance. It has space for two passengers and pulls in with three wheels, two at the front and one further back. No wonder they identify it as a trike in South Carolina. The entire unit is 1741 pounds heavy, has a steering wheel, a four cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission. It is now available for $21,900-$27,000 at American Biker.

Even American Biker’s Rich Worley is amazed at this angular monster and the way it confidently stands tall. He thinks the design is ‘super cool’, in his own words.

The Slingshot is a maze of colors ,featuring red, blue, silver and black. According to Worley, these shades are not cut and dry; clients are now asking for customization across the board.

The cycle comes with a screaming Chevrolet engine and even better, a booming audio system that balances out all the way from the front. At the moment, clients can buy a protective top for their trikes but everyone seems intent on just soaking in the fresh outdoors while on the spin.

Just this week , American biker put out a Polaris Slingshot Reverse Trike at just a little over $25,000.The cycle has a fuel capability of 9.77 gallons, water-proof seats, highly sophisticated 3-point seat belts and the 2.4 liter engine that churns out an impressive 173 horse power.

campagna motorcycles for saleWhile the Slingshot can roar down the country road at incredible speeds and notable noise levels, the engine is impressively muted as it picks up steam and seemingly makes the bike glide down the roads in a supremely agile gait. Braking and turning is an easy affair, regardless of the bends involved. The gears tend to slip a little out of position at times but the trike is essentially an all-round affair that is neither too small for a man or too muscular for a female rider. Even for someone not used to three-wheelers, this ride is comfortable.

The model from Polaris brings to mind another venerated three-wheeler in the mold of the T-rex Motorcycle. While the Slingshot is a bit of a hit at the moment, T-rex stands right up to its billing as well. If you are looking for it, you might need to delve around three times deeper in your pocket. The cost has of course been rising over the years since the Campagna Corporation started rolling them out close to three decades ago. At the moment, the price of a T-Rex 3-wheeler is around $57,000 and $65,000. A little bit over the top for some but then, the T-rex is no Slingshot.

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Soil Technology On Your Palm: NECi’s Handheld Photometer Delivers Nitrate Levels On Your Smartphone

Soil Technology On Your Palm: NECi’s Handheld Photometer Delivers Nitrate Levels On Your Smartphone

As effects of human activity on the environment continue to take center stage, the effect of agriculture- a central part of human existence- has also been roped into the fray. Nowadays, even prime time news is highlighting the effects of mismanaged agricultural inputs and nutrients on the environment. In Des Moines, Iowa, there is a clamour to remove unwanted nitrate from Lake Erie. All over the country, blooms caused by algae are slowly but surely giving coastal waters an unpleasant green color.

As such, it is of essence and urgency that these nutrients are continuously monitored and controlled before they get out of hand.

NECi Superior EnzymesAnd the NECi Superior Enzymes has just the right technology for that, available to all in the form of a small handheld photometer that combines with your mobile phones to help monitor phosphate and nitrate levels in your environment.

The Michigan based biotechnology company has come up with the little device that measures the levels of these nutrients by the amount of light able to pass through a sample, basing on some easy enzymatic reactions. It then links with your smartphone via Bluetooth to display the digital results on your screen.

NECi CEO Ellen R. Campell says in making the photometer, they begin by developing an articulate and elaborate testing methods as would be done in a laboratory. They then simplify the method to make it usable even by those who are not professionals in the practice. Campbell says that users actually have reason to believe that the results they receive on their screens have meaning.

Almost Like A Spectrophotometer

The hand-held photometer borrows from the principle of a laboratory spectrophotometer, which is a more sophisticated device that uses the intensity of light in a given spectrum to give results from which meaning can be deciphered. More on spectrophotometers at Science Triangle:


It uses the enzyme Nitrate Reductase, the same enzyme present in plants used in the process of converting nitrates to proteins and DNA.

It has been developed with the help of grants from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR), a program under the US Department of Agriculture. It is basically enzyme-based, and seeks to accurately measure the levels of nitrate and phosphate around you.

Nutrients Of Agricultural Importance

These two nutrients are of great importance in agricultural practices, as they boost crop production and are consequently responsible for how food-secure the country is. Application of fertilizers and manures rich in them is therefore a necessary practice, but monitoring of their levels is just as important. Excess levels of the two are hazardous.

It causes them to leech and wash off to water catchments, ending up in the very water people use on daily basis. Treatment of water containing nitrate to make it safe for drinking is quite expensive. Increased levels in drinking levels in drinking water is especially dangerous to babies, who can easily contract the blue-baby complication.

It is thus necessary to keep these nutrients at manageable levels from the initial step- application in the farms- and routine checks to prevent unhealthy accumulation.

More information about NECi’s biotechnology tools is readily available to all at NECi.

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A Guide To Travel Supplements

A Guide To Travel Supplements

We are going into a time of the year when people want to spend plenty of time outside. There are obvious benefits to be enjoyed in the outdoors and there are challenges that come with it too. Your body is at that point exposed to too many radical elements and weather extremes, which makes it incredibly important to stay on the safe side. Since movement also takes a toll on your general biological makeup, it is important that you seek to stay strong at this time. One of the ways to achieve this effect involves the use of supplements. Below is a look at some that would definitely work for you.


This works for those traveling across long distances says Anna from https://Educationisaround.com. Travel involves the exposure of your untested immune system to new challenges. Probiotics are known to strengthen your resistance, protect you from allergies found in new environments add to the excitement of seeing new worlds, whether you are navigating the trails of Chattanooga or deftly maneuvering the savanna grasslands of East Africa.

The challenge here is that a good number of these supplements require refrigeration to remain potent says Kenny from https://Theeducationlife.com/. If you are traveling, you might want to grab a little of your supply and leave the bulk of it in a fridge. That way, only what you are currently using is exposed. Not to worry, though, as the product will still remain effective up to a few weeks away from a fridge.


Vacation and travel are generally considered positive stressors, so many people think they don’t have a negative edge to them . However, keep in mind that new environments ask more of our bodies than we are used to. This could lead to complications related to immunity and general metabolism, and this is where a multi-vitamin comes in handy. Don’t go all out on anything you see on the counters; just start with a simple multivitamin and allow your body to bed in over time.


At times, travel is rife with stressors says Sasan from https://Geteducationskills.com/. You leave the kid’s toys at home, endure the insects in your night camping experience and have to experiment with new foods, which could cause unmitigated stress. This is where herbs like lemon balm, Rhodiola rosea and skullcap could be of help as they are all tested stress-relievers. Rhodiola rosea has become especially popular the last couple of years and it has a great deal of healthy benefits, but it is particularly good at giving a natural calm. Slowfoodnation writes about this herb and they know where to buy Rhodiola Rosea. On their website you find information about many of today’s popular herbs and natural supplements.

Energy Boosters

You jogged in the morning, walked up the mountain trails midmorning and hit the beach in the afternoon. At 6pm, you grabbed a set of night binoculars and went off to the balcony to gaze upon the stars. Suffice to say you had a long, tiring day. So what do you do? You turn to natural energy boosters in the mold of beets, B-Vitamins, and l-theanine-packed green tea.


When your body breaks down, inconveniences such as fatigue, even inflammation set in .Turmeric is the perfect solution when you need your reservoirs back up and running. In this case, find a supplement that has the turmeric packaged alongside black pepper. The latter is very effective in distributing the turmeric within the bloodstream for maximum potency and quick results.

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First Growth Commences Carbon Projects In West Papua

First Growth Commences Carbon Projects In West Papua

First Growth Funds Limited group reports its joint venture with Greencollar Group (GCS), First Growth Forests (FGFJV), has commenced the world’s first program to develop forestry carbon projects for the whole of a province in West Papua.

“Developing projects at the landscape scale aligns project activities with market expectations for forestry credits and the UNFCCC’s emerging REDD+ principles. West Papua has nearly 8 M hectares of forest classified for logging, agriculture, and various urban expansion uses,” the company said in press release.

The program will develop and market forest carbon projects through a public private partnership with the Government, applying the market-leading Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). Projects are on-track to deliver carbon credits from Quarter 3 of this year.

16 pilot projects are initially under development, proposed for existing logging and agriculture concessions will be replaced with preservation activities funded through carbon finance. The forest pilots are all being developed under the VCS standards grouping provisions using either the joint venture’s owned IFM methodology or the REDD methodology. Due diligence has been concluded on the program confirming there are no material barriers to its successful roll-out this year through these pilots. Key project development activities, including extensive stakeholder consultation, are now well advanced.

Listed in Australia and formerly m2m Corporation Limited, First Growth Funds Ltd, is an investment company, focused on emerging technologies in high growth companies and markets. It has investments in Forestry Carbon Credit Projects in Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia, and Digital Video. (Theindonesiatoday.com)


Clear-Skies – For Renewable Energy


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Equinix to Provide Data Center in Indonesia

Equinix to Provide Data Center in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia Today – Equinix, Inc. partners with PT Data Center Infrastructure (DCI) to provide data center infrastructure and collocation services in Indonesia.

DCI will build and operate a new data center in Jakarta, Indonesia, that will provide local and global customers with a full range of collocation, interconnection, support and monitoring services as part of Platform Equinix™.

The new data center will be built in multiple phases and will provide capacity for approximately 65,000 gross square feet and 1,250 cabinets when phase one is completed in Q1 2013. Through this partnership Equinix’s global customers can extend their market reach into Indonesia while enjoying a similar level of availability and reliability in Indonesia through PT DCI, as they do within the Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers.

When completed, the PT DCI data center will connect to multiple telecommunication providers, network providers and carriers, to provide a wide range of network choice to customers.

“With Equinix’s best-in-class high performance data center services, we are confident that we will serve as the data center of choice for global enterprises looking to expand their footprint in Indonesia,” said Stephanus Tumbelaka, President Director, PT DCI.

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